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Bridge Program (Spring)

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In this intensive four month program, students are immersed in a variety of meaningful and engaging learning experiences both in and out of the classroom, with the goal of fostering language development in five key areas: reading, writing, speaking, listening and vocabulary. Progress is carefully tracked and evaluated to maximize each student’s pace of language improvement. Through this program, students can earn up to eight BC Ministry credits to build on when the academic year begins in September.

Between April and June, participants spend time in the classroom learning to analyze, synthesize, evaluate and apply knowledge in addition to developing essential language skills. In July, students join with both domestic and international students to participate in the Global Leadership Academy and the Best of British Columbia summer programs. In August, Bridge students take Summer Enrichment classes where they are able to earn BC Ministry course credits towards the school year ahead.

Program dates: April 18 – August 25, 2017
Housing and tuition cost: $27,000

Bridge Program (Summer)

In this shortened version of the standard Bridge Program, students are given opportunities to practice spoken and written English in a variety of ways. For the first two weeks, students spend time in the classroom for over five hours each day of English language study. Evenings offer a healthy mix of study hall time and entertainment opportunities or social time. In week three, Summer Bridge students join with the mainstream program and enter the Global Leadership Academy with their peers.

Program dates: June 19 – August 25, 2017
Housing and tuition cost: $10,000

Summer Enrichment Program

Students are able to earn up to 8 BC Ministry credits to catch up on missed classes or to get an early start on the school year ahead. This program is especially useful for students who have been studying elsewhere any may not have all the prerequisites needed to transition into the desired grade level.

Program dates: July 23 – August 25, 2017
Housing and tuition cost: $5,150

Other summer programs

Summer programs at Brookes Shawnigan Lake are offered through a partnership with Powerful Youth. This includes the Global Leadership Academy, the Best of BC Tour, and the Leadership Eco-Venture to Lima, Peru. Click to learn more.

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