Introduction to the IB


Why do we believe in the IB programme?

The answer is simple, the IB provides the best holistic education which is externally assessed for our students.

What do we mean by holistic education?

The IB prepares the student in all aspects of developmental growth. What we envision is a student who is academically engaged, physically healthy, artistically sensitive, service minded, globally aware, rich in character, a skillful researcher, a thinker and inquirer.

Why is external assessment so important?

Through external assessment students must meet high, international standards. The reality is that most local educational programmes rarely provide any form of external assessment. Thus, there is really no objective standard to determine a student’s academic ability. This is why most top tier universities prefer IB graduates to any other academic programme since they have a reliable measure of a student’s capacity and skill set.

The International Baccalaureate is currently offered at different levels depending on the Brookes campus. Our Admissions Team will be happy to discuss the IB with you and help you determine which campus best suits your needs.

The Shawnigan Lake campus offers the Diploma Programme and is a candidate school for the Middle Years Programme.