Fee Details (Resident Canadians)

What Fees Include

Evening and Weekend Activities: Brookes offers many activities in the evenings and on weekends for all of our boarding students. Activities include, but are not limited to bowling, going to the movie theatre, outdoor activities, shopping, restaurants, attending sporting events, swimming, skating and cultural events. Activities and transportation fees are included in tuition.

Transportation: Transportation is provided for all Full (7 day) boarding students between the school and the BC ferry terminal or Victoria airport six times per year*. All transportation is provided by certified drivers authorized by the school. Transportation dates change each year, but will include: the beginning and end of the winter break and spring breaks, the first day of school as well as the last day of school. *Please note – additional fees apply when transportation dates fall outside of those specified in our annual calendar. Weekly boarding students are eligible for weekly transportation services as noted above.

Meals: Boarding students are provided with three meals per day. Our international buffet is incredibly varied and includes local, organic produce. There is a varied menu every day, including many vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options. Snacks are also provided twice per day and include fruit, vegetables and some sweets. Water and tea are also available throughout the day.

Bedroom Supplies: Our bedrooms are fully equipped with sheets, blankets, a pillow and pillow case, hangers, a closet and locker, a bookshelf, a bulletin board, a desk, and a laundry basket.

Laundry: Students have two days each week when their clothes and bedding are laundered by our housekeeping staff.

Wifi: High speed Wi-Fi is included and available throughout the campus. Students are encouraged to bring their computers to school in order to independently complete homework assignments.

School Supplies: We provide binders, pens, pencils, lined and graph paper, highlighters, a 10 piece math set, ruler, eraser, sketch book, and coloured pencils.

Boarding Tuition Refund Plan: Enrolment in the Tuition/Boarding Refund Plan is mandatory and included in the boarding and tuition fees. All students, including late-entering students, must enroll in the Plan. As commitments for staff salaries and maintenance are made on an annual basis, the absence or withdrawal of a student does not reduce operating expenses. Unfortunately, some students do not complete their full year for various reasons. In these instances, the protection afforded by this plan will be a welcomed resource.
Fees must be paid in FULL before any official Registration, Custodianship or Immigration documents will be issued for international students.

Please contact the Admissions department for a copy of the full refund policy.


Expenses Not Covered by Tuition Fees

Uniform: $800. Students are required to wear a uniform while attending Brookes. The items will be provided by the school at a cost of $800 for full outfitting.

See uniform piece details

Incidentals Reserve Amount: $1,500, due each year to cover any incidental student purchases.

Personal Spending Allowance: $1,500, due each year to cover weekly student spending money.

IB Exam Fees: $250 per exam. Most IB courses qualify for university credits, and as such allow for a savings in future studies. Students who wish to graduate with the IB Diploma or earn individual course credits are required to pay $225 per exam taken. Fees will be determined and invoiced as part of the second year (grade 12) charges.

Medical Insurance: Brookes requires proof of medical coverage under the BC Medical Services plan.


Additional Learning Programs

(Assessed on individual student requirements)

ELL Support: $1,500 – $5,000. English Language Learner Support is required for students who score below an Overall Band score 5 on the IELTS Academic exam, below 600 on TOEFL Junior, or below 35 on TOEFL iBT. Students who do not provide IELTS or TOEFL test results will be assessed for English competency during the interview.

Key Centre: $1,500 – $8,500. Services can be arranged to support students who require specialized help in order to maximize their potential within the classroom. This may include development, implementation and monitoring of an IEP (Individual Education Plan), assessment, remediation, tutoring, as well as enrichment activities or other services.


Tuition Notes

Financial Assistance/Bursaries: The school makes every effort to enable families to meet the financial challenges of an independent school education. If you have any questions, please contact, the Admissions Coordinator at 250-929-0506.