Fee Details (Day)

Students attend school during academic day, and according to the schedule of Brookes Shawnigan Lake’s academic calendar.

Expenses not covered by tuition fees

Mandatory Capital Fee (yearly) $250
Uniform (approximate) $335 – $440
Hot Lunch and Snack – Cost per year $925
IB Exam Fees (per exam taken) $225
 Optional Bus Service (Shawnigan Lake & Area) – Cost per year $850
Bus Service (Duncan/ Westshore) – Cost per year $1400
Tuition Refund Plan $350

Building Fund: As a registered charity and educational institution, 100% of tuition fees go to the daily operations of the school and to providing the best education for your child. In order to build reserves for building replacement, Brookes Shawnigan Lake has implemented a yearly Building Fee.

Uniform: Students are required to wear a uniform which varies depending on the grade level.  Anticipated costs for first time uniform outfitting are approximately $335 for grades 7-9 and $440 for grades 10-12.

See uniform piece details

Hot Lunch: The professional kitchen provides a healthy hot lunch and a morning snack each day. Generally, meals include a simpler choice as well as something with more international flair. Each meal includes meat dishes, vegetarian and gluten free options, and a fully stocked salad bar and fresh fruit are also available.

Bus Service: Brookes Shawnigan Lake provides a bus service to the Westshore and also north of the school to the Duncan area. Families from farther away may arrange to meet the bus at a designated pickup location in these areas. Bus routes are set by September when we have established the ridership needs, and may be adjusted minimally during the year depending on changing needs.

IB Exam Fees: Most IB courses qualify for university credits, and as such allow for a savings in future studies. Students who wish to graduate with the IB Diploma or earn individual course credits are required to pay $225 per exam taken. Fees will be determined and invoiced as part of the second year (grade 12) charges.

Tuition Refund Plan: Enrolment in the Tuition/Boarding Refund Plan is optional for Day students. Unfortunately, some students do not complete their full year for various reasons. In these instances, the protection afforded by this plan will be a welcomed resource.

As the school has many expenses of a continuing nature, such as faculty salaries and plant maintenance. In order to plan and maintain these services over the entire year, it is essential that the annual revenue from fees be assured. For this reason, students are enrolled for the entire school year or such portion as may remain after the date of entrance. The fact that the fee is paid in more than one installment, does not constitute a fractional contract.

In view of the foregoing, no reduction or remission of fees will be allowed by the school for absence, withdrawal or dismissal. Because of this necessary regulation, the Tuition Refund Plan is offered to protect the person(s) accepting financial responsibility for payment of fees in the case of withdrawal during the school year.

Refund Policy: The Tuition Refund Plan provides an opportunity for a partial refund of tuition fees if your child is unable to complete the academic year for one of the following reasons:

  1. Death, Absence or Withdrawal for Medical Reasons:
    • 100% of the unused fees (pro-rated for every class day lost), provided the medical disability certified by a legally qualified physician or surgeon extends for thirty-one or more consecutive days.
  2. Non-medical Withdrawal or Dismissal:
    • Withdrawal: 75% of the unused fees (pro-rated for every school day lost)
    • Dismissal: 75% of the unused fees (pro-rated for every school day lost)

Additional Learning Programs

(Assessed on individual student needs)

Key Center: $1,500 – 8,500. Services can be arranged to support students who require specialized help in order to maximize their potential within the classroom. This may include development, implementation and monitoring of an IEP (Individual Education Plan), assessment, remediation, tutoring, enrichment activities or other services.

Payment Options and Methods

Fees are payable in advance for the year on June 30, or on a 12 month payment plan. Families choosing the monthly payment plan must enroll in the Tuition Refund Plan. Families who pay IN FULL by June 30 are eligible for a 5% discount. If a parent generously opts not to accept this discount but instead chooses to donate this amount to the School’s fundraising initiative, the School will issue a tax-deductible charitable donation receipt.

Payment Options

      • Payment in full by June 30.
      • 12 Monthly post-dated cheques, July 1 through June 1 of the following calendar year.