Full-time Boarding

Yearbook CAS 3The boarding program provides students with a supportive atmosphere to allow them to achieve success in all areas. With a strong emphasis on community, the boarding program is filled with activities and opportunities for residents to build relationships with fellow students, excel in their academics, and develop their leadership skills.

Full-time boarding allows students to participate in the dynamic residential program at the school. Weekends are never dull, with full day excursions every Saturday, providing an opportunity for students to learn and bond outside of the classroom. Whether ice skating, golfing or visiting a local museum, the objective is to provide fun and safe experiences that expand knowledge and build character.

During the week, students have access to supervised study hall, evening tutorials, and assistance with assignments each day. Residential students have 24-hour supervision by several dorm parents who live on-site, as well as access to the school nurse on weekday mornings.