Our four residences act as a reminder of the long history of education at this campus. Each is named for one of the historical schools that have stood on this property over the past one hundred years; Strathcona, Maxwell, Lakeside and Dwight. Each dorm room holds two or three students and has a lake view from a generous balcony.Girls and boys are separated, with two residence buildings dedicated to each gender. A house parent or family lives in each building, providing support and supervision as needed throughout the night. Rooms are large, and come equipped with closets, desks, beds, bookshelves and curtains. A pinboard is mounted by each bed and we encourage students to bring posters, photos and flags as decorations to personalize their space. There is also a large locker for each student outside their room that has space for oversized items like suitcases and snowboards. Each of the beds and bookshelves are able to be moved, so boarding students are able to arrange the room to their liking. Push the beds together sleepover-style, or keep them at opposite sides of the room for more privacy. Anything goes!

Residence Sleepover

Boarding students have a wide array of entertainment options to help them unwind after a challenging day of academics. There are four common rooms available, each set up for a different activity. We offer a movie room with a high-definition screen and lounge style seating, a games room with a billiards table and dart board, a music room with a piano, guitars and drums, and a quieter community room with seating for visiting with friends. There is also a fitness center, a yoga and dance studio, and a gymnasium available for indoor sports.

We work hard to create a warm environment that provides the same feeling of security as life at home. Our students are welcoming to new faces, and our house parents care for each person as they would their own child.

Come for a visit and see the rooms for yourself!