What is CAS?


Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) is an essential element of the IB Diploma Programme and encapsulates the heart of our extra-curricular activities. These activities give students the ability to enhance their learning along lines of personal interest and inspiration.
The three elements of CAS are:


More than just the performing arts, creativity involves exploring ideas and interpreting them for the audience in new and interesting ways. This may be done through writing, crafts, culinary arts, digital arenas such as film, photography or graphic design, as well as the visual and performing arts.


 Physical pursuits are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. This includes team sports, dance, yoga, fitness training, and recreational activities.


Engagement with the greater community is an integral aspect of the IB philosophy. Service helps students nurture a wider world view and develop personal and social skills through real and meaningful interactions. Service learning builds skills like problem solving, decision making, responsibility and accountability.

CAS is a requirement for the IB Diploma Programme. The hands-on experience helps students enhance their personal and interpersonal development, and works towards a balanced lifestyle by getting students out of the classroom and into the world to actively participate in the community.

Read on for an overview of our CAS activities.